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Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Program

The Therapeutic Foster Care program provides specialized support to youth demonstrating symptoms of emotional or behavioral disorders.  Through collaboration with other agencies and the child’s family (foster, biological, kinship, etc.), this program strives for early problem identification, and facilitates the development of effective solutions to prevent placement disruption and/or movement to a more restrictive environment.  This type of cooperation and coordination supports a child’s successful transition when discharge from the program occurs.  

This program has the following objectives:

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)

  • Provides specialized support services to DSS involved youth exhibiting symptoms of emotional or behavioral disorders and their families (foster, biological, kinship, etc.  Services are individualized and designed to assist youth to adjust to foster/kinship care placement and changes in school setting, etc.; to develop resiliency and developmental assets; to learn age-appropriate life skills, etc. in addition to facilitating referrals to needed mental health services.
  • Services are intended to prevent placement disruption and movement to more restrictive levels of care. This is accomplished by providing services to identified youth in their existing placements.  Efforts will include working with DSS, DJS and current caregivers to develop and implement effective plans of care for developing life skills while managing or alleviating problems which threaten to disrupt the placement.
  • The program also works, as appropriate, with biological families to assist them in developing the skills needed to allow successful reunification.  Services include a minimum of three months of aftercare follow-up and supports for the biological family when the child returns home.
  • Regular meetings are held between the local Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services, and the program coordinator to insure coordination of services.
  • The program coordinator and staff meet regularly with caregiver families and program youth to provide supportive services.
  • The program offers regular trainings to all DSS/DJS family caregivers in an effort to enhance the skills of licensed foster families.  The program will have access to consultant services, as needed, to address specific issues which arise with program youth.


The Department of Social Services and the Department of Juvenile Services may refer any youth who exhibits symptoms of emotional or behavioral disorders the Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) program.


Below are links to several forms that are used in the Therapeutic Foster Care program

TFC Referral Form - This form is to be submitted by providers that are interested in referring a child to the program

Parent TFC Invoice word- This form is used by the foster parents to submit invoices associated with services in the TFC program

Parent Crisis/Respite Invoice word- This form is used by the foster parents to submit invoices associated with services in the crisis respite program.

Mileage Sheet word- This form is used by the foster parents for the purpose of documenting mileage expenses associated with either the TFC and/or Crisis/Respite programs.