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Congratulations to the December 2016 Employee of the Month!


Empolyee of the Month


Mike Ullery became employed by the Allegany County Health Department on June 22, 1983. He was a Community Health Nurse Aide and was assigned to the Home Health Program. Mike was consistently rated as “superior” on his annual efficiency ratings from 1983 through 1998. Supervisors noted that he was considerate of patients’ comfort and limitations. He attended to patient hygiene needs, safety factors, and emotional needs. Patients themselves reported that Mike was very kind and caring.

During 1998, the health department’s Home Health Program closed. On September 23 of that year, Mike transferred to Administration where he worked with Vital Records and the Personal Care Program. What a change from Home Health! While Mike used to spend his days attending to the needs of elderly, homebound patients, he was now assisting persons to obtain birth and death certificates. He was verifying Personal Care provider invoices and typing payroll checks. He was functioning as the receptionist and answering the health department switchboard. Mike was determined to excel, and that’s exactly what he did. From the time Mike joined Administration he received “outstanding” performance evaluations and was always a team player.

Today, in 2016, Mike continues to bring his knowledge, his level of accuracy, and his customer service skills to the Vital Records office. Mike is organized and dependable. He is willing to come in early or stay late to finish a task. He knows the State regulations governing the issuance of birth and death certificates, and he follows them to the letter of the law. Mike has trained other staff members to perform these duties as well, and he is always willing to answer their questions and help with issues that arise. Sometimes Mike has to say “no” to clients, which is often not well received. He has been yelled at, screamed at, and cursed at, as well as having clients break down in tears; yet he never raises his voice or loses his cool. Mike will do anything within his power to assist clients to obtain needed certificates, and he demonstrates infinite patience, not just with clients but also with staff.

Mike loves being a dad. He and his wife, Denise, are the parents of two daughters, Jody and Jamie. And now he has two granddaughters, Abby and Amelia to spoil . . . and he does.

To sum it all up, Mike has been a super employee for over 33 years and has been Superman to his family for much longer than that. The Allegany County Health Department is proud and grateful to name Mike Ullery as the Employee of the Month for December 2016.



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