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On-Site Water and Sewage Program

The water supplies and sewage disposal systems located outside public utility service areas are the concerns of the On-Site water and sewage program. We ensure that all systems are functioning properly and do not impose any risk to drinking or groundwater quality.

When building new homes in areas where a public hook-up is not available, conducting a percolation (Perc) test is usually the first step. A well and/or septic system permits may be issued depending on the results of the Perc test. Application may be made directly for a septic system or well permit depending on the on the situation.

Perc Tests

Percolation (Perc) tests are conducted to determine the suitability of a site to accept wastewater discharge from a septic system.

The suitability of a parcel for development is determined by the ability to adequately discharge sewage generated on the property, the site selection, testing times, and procedures are best discussed and determined by the Health Department. For instructions on preparation for perc testing, contact environmental health at 301-759-5040 or download the Percolation Testing and Soil Analysis for On-site Sewage Disposal Systems brochure.

Call 301-759-5040 to arrange for a consultation on Perc test requirements and procedures. Perc Tests are $200.00/lot tested. Download a Perc Test Application pdf file here.

Septic Systems

Septic systems are used for the disposal of sewage where public or centralized sewage collection and disposal systems are not available. The site suitability is best determined by a sanitarian in cases of new construction. Permits for septic systems are issued after Perc tests are conducted by a sanitarian. Properly functioning septic systems depend on many factors and are impacted by site suitability and use (load) of the system. When an existing system is being repaired, permits may be issued for the replacement of the failing system based on previous evaluation.

Septic system permits are $200.00/system.

The location (layout) of your existing septic system may be available from our records in many cases. This information is useful for building additions, swimming pool installations, septic tank service, etc.

 Mail all completed applications with fee payments to:

Allegany County Health Department
ATTN: Environmental Health Division
P.O. Box 1745
Cumberland Maryland 21502-1745