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Dental Health

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Any child in Allegany County is eligible up to and including twenty (20) years of age who has a valid Medical Assistance card with Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program.

Appointments are scheduled for the clinic.








Educational Services
Preparation for Childbirth Classes
A dental presentation is offered to expectant parents during speaker night for the Preparation for Childbirth at the Western Maryland Health System.
Dental education materials are offered to families in this program.
Elementary Schools and Head Start
Dental education presentations are offered by teachers' request.



Services are available to pregnant women with Maryland Medical Assistance cards.

Extractions are offered to low income adults on a sliding fee scale including adults who have a MCO/MA card or Medical Assistance card. The clinic is held two times each month.

Appointments are scheduled for this clinic.


School Programs
First Grade Screening Program
First grade screenings are offered to first graders in Allegany County during the school year. The dental team visits each school and a screening report is sent home with the child.
Fluoride mouth rinse

The program is offered to 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders who attend schools in non fluoridated areas (Flintstone, George's Creek, Mt. Savage, and Westernport). During the school year the children swish with a .2% neutral sodium fluoride solution once a week. The program is voluntary.





















Special Grants
Oral Prevention Grant

School based dental sealant program offers dental sealants to children in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades who attend the Allegany County Schools. The dental sealants are offered at no cost to the parent. Portable dental equipment is taken to each school and the dental hygienist provides a screening for each child with parent permission. The dental team applies dental sealants to the children's teeth.

Head Start
Dental screenings are offered to Head Start children.

For more information contact the Dental Program at (301) 759-5030.










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