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A Fresh Start

A treatment program for youngsters in need of residential care for drug/alcohol addictions

An Allegany County Health Department Program
(located in Cottages 3 & 8 of the Thomas B. Finan Center)
Cumberland, Maryland

The JACKSON UNIT is a 60-day residential treatment program for youngsters, both boys and girls, 13 to 18 years of age who present a primary diagnosis of drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence. The unit has the capacity for 33 beds with a program designed to help youngsters and their families address chemical dependency problems, as well as the problems directly related to the substance abuse.

The JACKSON UNIT is operated by the Allegany County Health Department. Youngsters are accepted from every county in Maryland; each one must have a history of harmful chemical usage, have a pre-admission evaluation, and at the time of admission clients can not be under the influence to the extent that they would present a serious behavioral or medical problem. The evaluation must be completed by qualified professionals. This is a non-psychiatric unit.

The JACKSON UNIT and its staff are fully accredited and funded through the State of Maryland's Department of Juvenile Justice and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration.


  • Comprehensive medical screening and follow-up
  • Health education, including HIV, nutrition and harmful effects of smoking
  • AIDS risk reduction counseling


  • Direct counseling services (individual, group, family)
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • AA/NA meetings and discussion groups
  • Extensive drug/alcohol education
  • Comprehensive after-care planning and referral


  • Fully certified school program
  • Individualized approach is emphasized
  • G.E.D. Preparation and testing
  • Remedial education classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Educational field trips


  • Full range of recreational activities
  • Emphasis on use of leisure time
  • Weight room and gymnasium on site
  • Clients help plan activities
  • Services coordinated with cottage managers

The staff of the JACKSON UNIT includes:

Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselors
Certified Addictions Counselors
Nursing Personnel
Certified Teachers and Aides
Consulting Psychiatrist

The JACKSON UNIT has been named in honor of LOIS E. JACKSON, R.N., formerly Director of Child Health Services for the Allegany County Health Department.

Program Director: Robert Cassidy, N.C.A.C. II, CAC-AD

Clinic Director: Cindy Shockey-Smith, M.S./LCADC

For referrals and information contact:

Thomas B. Finan Center
Country Club Road
Cumberland, Maryland 21502
PHONE: (301) 777-2290

The Allegany County Health Department
Lois E.Jackson Unit Program is
licensed by the State of Maryland.






















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